Entry Requirements

Entry form will require the following information:

  1. Entry Fee $10
  2. Contestant Name, Address, Email & Contact Number
  3. Artist Name, Shop, City or Country
  4. Amount of hours to completion
  5. Waiver to utilize photography for STE promotional use
  6. Must be a US Resident to enter contest

***Please note that all entries must be fully healed***

The Contest Deadline Has Passed

Worst Tattoo

• No requirements to enter (2” x 2” and Up)

Best Portrait
• Must have reference picture for judging; no exceptions

Best Black & Grey
• Must be completed
• Must be black and gray

Small Color

• Must be completed
• Must be color
• Can’t be larger than a hand size (6” x 6” and Under)

Funniest Tattoo
• Must be completed