2pm Doors Open

4pm Best Small Color
5pm Best American Traditional
6pm Best Black and Grey
7pm Deejay Hershe
8pm The Tattoo Expo Burlesque Revue
9pm Best of Show


12pm Doors Open

3pm Best Portrait
4pm The Tattoo Expo Burlesque Revue
5pm Worst Tattoo
6pm DJ Baby Van Beezly
7pm Best Back or Bodysuit
8pm BurlesKaraoke
9pm Best of Show


12pm Doors Open

1:15pm Best Large Black and Grey
2:15pm Funniest Tattoo
3:15pm Best Large Color
4pm DJ Baby Van Beezly
5pm Best Sleeve
6pm The Tattoo Expo Burlesque Revue
7pm Best of show