Event Schedule


August 14th

EVENT HOURS: 12:00 PM – 6:00 PM

12:00 PM
Welcome with Omar & Jeff
Contest: Best Small Color Tattoo
Seminar: Shawn Barber - Speed Painting a Skull
Shop Tour: Memoir Tattoo

1:00 PM
Contest: Best Black & Gray Contest
Performance by Brad Mariachi
Shop Tour: Mom’s Custom Tattoo

2:00 PM
Contest: Best Portrait
Seminar: April Cornell Energy Grounding
Performance by Aaron Semer

3:00 PM
Contest: Worst TattooBurlesque Performance by the Tramp Stamps
Featuring: Ruby Mimosa, Jamie Von Stratton, Valerie Veils, Faggedy Randy
DJ Set by Nostalgia B

4:00 PM
Contest: Funniest Tattoo
Seminar: Damon Conklin - ProCreate Tips & Tricks
Performance by Jeff Cornell
Shop Tour: Hidden Hand Tattoo
Performance by Shotsie Gorman

5:00 PM
Highlight from Day 1 of Virtual Seattle Tattoo Expo
End of Day with Omar & Jeff